An Innovation Platform - For the Teachers, by the Teachers

Stages of ZIIEI

Moving Practical zero investment idea to Ideal Action

    • “Leadership by consciousness” the stepping stone training is done, to ensure that the top officials are more connected with ZIIEI and recognise the teachers
    • Teachers are encouraged to send their zero-investment innovative ideas during their orientation sessions
    • Submission of ideas: Teachers submit their ideas on which they were already working and implementing in just their school
    • Selection of ideas: Ideas submitted by teachers are evaluated by ZIIEI Jury.
    • Documentation of innovation: The chosen innovators will go through intensive trainings and brain-storming sessions for documentation of their ideas as formal case studies
    • Refining the innovations: These case studies are further refined by educationists and the ZIIEI team to make their implementation easy
    • Dissemination of Innovation: The case studies are published as ZIIEI Annual Book of Best Practices, which will go through a process of implementation across the government schools pan India

A Definite Wave

of Change in the System

  • World’s First Initiative for Wide-scale Implementation of Grassroots Ideas in Education
  • Creation of an Open Source Ecosystem of Educational Best Practices
  • Mindset Transformation in Teachers, Onset of an Enabling Environment
  • Gradual Development of New, Innovative Curriculum
  • Developments in Education in line with Central and State Government Priorities
  • Pranab Mukherjee

    Ex- President of India

    “I hope the content of this book is enlightening and useful for its readers”.
  • Sumitra Mahajan

    Speaker Lok Sabha

    “The awareness towards Practical knowledge, social concern and commitment towards the nation is what this program looks forward to”.
  • Prakash Javadekar

    Union Minister, Ministry of Human Resource Development

    “I hope the chosen innovators would go on to inspire the teachers who have been innovatively teaching just a single school till now”.
  • Raman Singh

    Chief Minister, Chhatisgarh

    “In the tribal milieu of the state of Chhattisgarh, ZIIEI marks the beginning of a new era in Education”.
  • Raghubar Das

    Chief Minister, Jharkhand

    “Keeping in view the ethics of teaching, let us all come forward and participate in this program to and disperse the knowledge till our grassroots”.
  • Akhilesh Yadav

    Ex-Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh

    “It is a matter of immense pride for me that ZIIEI began from the state of Uttar Pradesh and is inspiring teachers all across the nation”.
  • Anil Swaroop

    Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development

    “The ease with which this program is being implemented is altogether credited to its simple but effective framework”.
  • Paresh Sukhthankar

    Deputy Managing Director, HDFC Bank

    “This Program would prove to be a milestone in improving the quality and level of education”.
  • Ram Nath Kovind

    The President of India

    “The implementation of this program in every school would lead to a brighter education set up and would prove to be an Agent of change for the problems that have been plaguing us since ages”.


We once had a choice and we chose to teach and every day it’s our children we reach ZIEI...Ayushi Sharma
What a wonderful program ZIEI was ! A well organised, systematic, fruitful and full of enthusiasm. It polished my...Anil Kumar