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ZIIEI: Simple innovations helping students learn better

Param Singh

Dr Shrawan Gupta :

Dipti Dixit: Promoting innovation in education

Champa Singh

Post Box: A teacher’s simple solution to students’ critical problems

Menstruation: Finally no more a reason for girls dropping out of school

Nearly a year ago, Seema Chaturvedi, a government school teacher in Chhattisgarh, was facing a problem of absenteeism and drop out among girls in her school. One of the major reasons was menstruation. Many girls are subjected to cultural, religious and social restrictions once they reach puberty. They are not allowed to enter the kitchen, any revered place or even touch a pickle jar as girls are considered impure during this time of the month.

Children’s Parliament: Who can manage the school better than them?

Ashutosh Dubey introduced the concept of Children’s Parliament in his school in 2014. In this, students desirous to participate can get themselves nominated. After this, all the students, teachers, school administration and parents assemble together and select the members of the student parliaments through an election process, or based on students’ interests and abilities, or competitive examinations.

A Teacher’s innovation of self-cleaning urinals in school