An Innovation Platform - For the Teachers, by the Teachers

Evaluation and Selection

Every step of the ZIIEI process leads to a specific measurable result, and facilitates not only a feedback process but also a “feed forward” process at every step. That is, the feedback received from the ZIIEI Jury FAQs during primary evaluation and short listing of zero investment ideas, feedback from schools adopting a new idea, feedback from innovators on implementation process, documentation and evaluation, feedback from schools on the outcomes of an idea are all converted into realistic insights, actionable items and tangible results at every step. In this way, the program is closely and frequently evaluated vis-a-vis its intended impact or goals. The tools used for evaluating activities and measuring their impacts will include:
  • A detailed review form will be created for each of the 30 innovative zero investment ideas every year. The schools adopting these zero investment ideas as part of ZIIEI will use these review forms to provide a thorough feedback every quarter on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the specific zero investment ideas they have adopted. This will lead to the creation of a scorecard for every idea, giving a comprehensive view of the number of schools who have chosen to adopt that idea, education gaps addressed and the qualitative and quantitative outcomes achieved.
  • Based on the review of the schools, each school participating in ZIIEI—through submission of zero investment ideas or through adoption of zero investment ideas—will have an Innovation Scorecard. Every quarter, this scorecard will provide a comprehensive view of the number of zero investment ideas successfully submitted and implemented by the school, education gaps addressed, impact created for its own students, the adjoining community, for other schools and the state.
  • This quarterly scorecard will provide a comprehensive view of the number of schools participating from each district, “Innovation Quotient” of every district, success rate of all the 30 innovative zero investment ideas implemented across the district by various schools, and short and long-term impact created across the district.
  • This will be an annual scorecard giving a comprehensive view of the overall level of.
    The evaluation and assessment will be highly transparent as all data will be fed into the online system and published on the ZIIEI portal. Administrators and policymakers will be able to access it online anytime, anywhere.