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Uttar Pradesh – The first taste of success

  • ZIIEI program commenced in the year 2015 in Uttar Pradesh. Across 75 districts in UP, 10,000 leaders and administrators were given training and orientation of 5.5 lakh teachers resulted in the assimilation of 3 lakh ideas
  • Post a rigorous screening process, 30 zero investment ideas were selected which were further converted into 11 case studies on the basis of similarity and published as “Navachar-Pustika 2016”
  • More than 2 lakh copies of Navachar Pustika were distributed among the teachers across the state and more than 75000 schools have begun implementing these zero investment ideas in their schools
  • The 30 teachers behind these selected zero investment ideas were rewarded at state level by former Chief Minister, Mr. Akhilshesh Yadav
Outcomes of ZIIEI program in UP
Impacts — Individuals
  • 10,000 educational leaders and administrative staff who have been working energetically were mobilized
  • 500 administrative employees in basic and secondary education departments were mobilized oriented to ZIIEI and were provided clarity of their expected roles and responsibilities in the transformation process.
  • 1,000 education officers geared up for the state-wide education transformation
  • 6,60,000 principals and teachers together trained for Leadership and Innovation and are implementing their best practices
  • 8, 00,000 teachers received ZIIEI books and participation forms through education officers
  • 3,00,000 teachers submitted their zero investment ideas and suggestions towards improving the quality of education
  • 30 innovators(teachers) were selected and their ideas further compiled into 11 case studies published as Navachar Pustika 2016

Impacts — Institutions
  • 1,70,000 schools brought under the new inspection method using Inspection Management System (IMS), where for the first time authentic data have been made available in digitized form.
  • 200 dedicated trainers promised to ZIIEI by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) to conduct trainings in UP DIET centers and also in other states where ZIIEI will be implemented.
  • 5,50,000 teachers’ authentic data available to the government through the ZIIEI registration process, it would now help the government to reach out to teachers for other state run programs also.
  • 1,60,000 ZIIEI Books of Best Practices distributed to schools.
  • 1,20,000 schools confirmed adoption of innovation while response of others schools are expected to reach soon.