An Innovation Platform - For the Teachers, by the Teachers

What is ZIIEI?

ZIIEI: Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives

The above abbreviation provides a simplified picture of the program. Primary Education is a field where innovations can deliver extremely satisfying results. ZIIEI aspires to improve education at zero or minimal cost by imbibing innovation with the help of existing resources in the education system.

We can say, it’s RENOVATION through INNOVATION

Empowerment of teachers
  • State level recognition and rewarding of teachers for their efforts
  • Helping teachers to turn their inspiration into action; to help them shape and execute their zero investment ideas; to facilitate their day to day administrative tasks- all through the medium of ZIIEI orientation program.
New Education System
  • Quantitative education has overshadowed the importance of qualitative education. Assimilation of new ideas into the education system will help in preparing the coming generations for the challenges of 21st century. Hence, new education system is inevitable for the reach of education at grass root levels.