An Innovation Platform - For the Teachers, by the Teachers


  • Development in any field is unimaginable without the contribution of our teachers. To strengthen this contribution-empowerment and upliftment of teachers is of paramount importance.
  • 60% of the India’s population is village based. Thus, empowering rural population is the pressing need of today. This can be realized more seamlessly when we work at the grass root level in the field of education, thus accelerating the development in other focus areas as educating the youth, forms the backbone of development in any field.
  • On one hand, how imperative it has become now to incorporate innovative zero investment ideas in the pedagogical practices; on the other hand, scarcity of resources in government schools handicaps the whole educational machinery to realize these innovations. There are teachers who have implemented their zero investment ideas but unknown to the world outside their school premises; and there are teachers whose have numerous zero investment ideas, but due to lack of any platform, their zero investment ideas haven’t seen the light of the day.