An Innovation Platform - For the Teachers, by the Teachers

ZIIEI Workflow

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  • Much before the teacher’s orientation program, a series of extensive trainings are conducted. ZIIEI’s successful execution and making it a permanent part of the state education system requires passionate participation of the decision makers and the administrative staff of the state government. The “Leadership by consciousness” is the stepping stone to ensure that the top officials are more connected with program and appreciate the teachers
  • Post “Leadership by consciousness” training, the ZIIEI trainers orient the teachers to make them understand that zero investment innovation in education is the need of the hour and how each one of them can improve the quality of education through their individual efforts. This step of the ZIIEI programs helps them to realize how their thoughts can metamorphose into action. An open forum where we bring teachers to the dais and empower them to speak out their zero investment ideas. During this session, the teachers are introduced to the education and administrative officers to enable better coordination among them
  • Teachers are encouraged to send their zero-investment innovative ideas and these ideas submitted are then converted into an online database by the ZIIEI data entry team. This step in the implementation process gives a complete detail of the teachers and helps in the short listing of zero investment ideas. The ideas are shortlisted on the following criteria:
    1. Should have zero or minimal cost involved
    2. Should be already implemented in the school
    3. Must be bringing benefit to the state of education or its connecting areas
  • Once the ideas are shortlisted after a rigorous screening process, the selected ideas, based on the similarity of the impact in the target area, could be clubbed together, ensuring more ease in sorting and implementations. These shortlisted ideas are then converted into high quality case studies for the ZIIEI “NAVACHAR BOOK”. The winners are appreciated and awarded at the state level for their incredible efforts
  • Last but an imperative step of this ZIIEI workflow, the implementation of these innovative zero investment ideas in the schools across the state. The district coordination committees provide a copy of the “Navachar Pustika” to every headmaster or principal in their block and get a signed confirmation of the receipt. To support this idea implementation drive, in continuation of the training program “Leadership by consciousness”, a second round of orientation programs also takes place helping them to see the short and long-term benefits of each of the case studies